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Acme Scale Technologies has been a scale industry leader for over 100 years. Our sales, service, and rental divisions enable us to provide unique solutions for every customer’s needs and applications. Acme's long-standing presence has established us amongst weighing scale professionals including systems integrators, weighing and measurement experts, certified technicians, and sales engineers. Each providing our customers with valuable problem solving perspectives, assuring carefully guided decisions with proven reliable results.

We sell and service digital scales and weighing equipment for every application, including: commercial, shipping, medical, laboratory, railroad, postal, trucking and more. Acme Scale Technologies is also ISO17025 accredited for the calibration of scales, force gauges, calipers, micrometers, indicators, and other dimensional gauges. Click on the link to see our scope of accreditation. Acme Scale Technologies also provides preventive maintenance and calibrates pipettes to ISO8655.

As a leader in the industry, the best of the best seek out Acme as their scale, service and weighing equipment provider.  Call or email us today to join the ranks of our thousands of satisfied customers.

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