Chicago Metrology

Chicago Metrology

Nothing is more important in some industries and businesses than accurate measurements. Measuring must be done properly in order to charge customers the correct price. Chicago metrology products are also used in areas that are essential to health and well-being. For example, measuring components in medications must be done with complete accuracy or there could be serious medical consequences. Regardless of the type of measurement needed, there are appropriate measurement products to suit your needs.

Types of Scales

We offer a wide range of scales that are specifically designed to meet your particular needs. Bulk scales, bench scales and conveyor scales are often used in various manufacturing processes. Large scales are used in construction and other industries and include crane scales and fork lift scales among others. Hanging scales are often used in measurements such as those done in grocery stores.

Medical and veterinary scales are needed for the measurement of a patient’s weight. Postal scales measure the weight of packages that are to be sent through the mail. Price computing scales are used in grocery stores and in other locations where the price is automatically calculated based on the weight of the item. A Chicago metrology company provides all these types of scales and more.

Scales for Every Need

Scales are available for every possible need. If a particular type of scale is not currently available we can custom design one to meet your requirements. Our scales are always highly accurate and reliable regardless of the application. As a leading Chicago metrology company, Acme Scale Technologies has years of experience and expertise providing high quality measuring devices to a wide range of customers.

We are meticulous in our production of scales. We demand excellence from our suppliers as well. We know how important weight measurement is to most businesses and we work hard to make sure our products are reliable.

Quality Control

Our quality control begins with procurement of the best possible parts and materials from our suppliers. We have a skilled team of experts who make sure that every product we make meets our strict standards of excellence. We understand the requirements of various industries and ensure that we meet or exceed these needs.

At Acme Scale Technologies we stay on the cutting edge of technology. We know that improvements are sometimes necessary and helpful to improve operations in many industries. When documentation is needed we assist in providing our customers with the paperwork required to meet their industry’s standards. Our skilled team reviews the current and future Chicago metrology needs to help us plan for the future. We always try to stay ahead of industry needs so that our customers can rely on our quality products now and in the future.

Acme Scale Technologies is a leading provider of high quality measurement devices. We have products that are used in almost every industry in the marketplace. When you need a reliable scale solution for your business, call Acme Scale Technologies for the high quality products you require.

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