4 Tips To Help With Your Metrology Accreditation

metrology accreditationGetting a metrology accreditation is a significant investment. It requires a lot of money and time to determine the standards you ought to comply with, the training you need, hiring a consultant, making some process changes, and finally, documenting the entire process. To make sure that your metrology accreditation process is a successful one, here a couple of tips that may help.

1) Don’t underestimate the accreditation process

The amount of money and time you’ll put into preparing for the accreditation depends on three things; the type of accreditation, the current quality of your system, and the size of your company. However, you can expect the accreditation to be completed between three to six months. After the accreditation goes through, you’ll still need to put in time keeping your quality up to date if you want to maintain the accreditation.

The metrology accreditation is also going to cost you some money. Expect to spend nothing less than $8,000 just for the initial certification. This includes assessor expenses and application fee. After receiving your accreditation, a minimum annual cost of $3,500 will need to be pay to maintain your accreditation.

2) Get the right accreditation

The most popular accreditation is the ISO 9001:2008 standard. It is mandatory for most companies to comply with it. Find out the proper accreditation required before you start applying for one.

Two requirements need to be satisfied for your accreditation; the technical specification, and the managerial requirement. Since the ISO 9001 satisfies the managerial side of the ISO 17025 standard, the only left to address is the technical requirement. Once both requirements are completed, then your accreditation to ISO 17025 is complete.

3) Document all processes

The ISO/IEC 17025 Clause 5.2 requires that every laboratory must keep a quality manual and that the operational procedure and laboratory policies be stated in it to comply with the clause.

4) Get appropriate training

Before you can get your metrology application, all your lab technicians need to be appropriately trained, and such training will need to be documented. There have been companies who claimed that training records are part of their employee’s private record and as such cannot be produced for public viewing. Unfortunately, if you cannot verify that your employees have gone through the proper training, the chances of getting your accreditation are slim.

Some of the employee training typically includes courses on testing and calibration methods, operators training which is provided by the equipment and instrument manufacturer; it also contains technical courses on such subjects like measurement system analysis and measurement uncertainty analysis.

5) Always be ready for the audit

After submitting your application, and doing all that is necessary, the next thing is to wait for the auditing agency. They typically give adequate notice informing you of when the audit will take place. Ensure that everything is ready before the auditor arrives. Have someone who is quite familiar with lab processed, and layout sticks around for any follow-up questions. One way you can prepare yourself for the audit beforehand is to get a copy of the checklist that the auditor may use.


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4 Tips To Help With Your Metrology Accreditation