Preparing For Chicago Metrology Accreditation

Chicago metrology accreditationYour metrology partner can enhance or jeopardize your chances of accreditation. This is why it is very important to carefully choose your metrology equipment vendor. As far as Chicago metrology accreditation is concerned, buying equipment from an unaccredited vendor will continue to count against you.

Metrology is about weather forecast like predicting a tornado, an earthquake or even a typhoon. Accurate forecast saves lives and properties. Metrology is all about accuracy and precision. You don’t just make predictions. You carry out some research and experiments. How can you achieve accuracy and precision with poor equipment? This is why using equipment from vendors that do not have Chicago metrology accreditation will also prevent you from getting Chicago metrology accreditation. After all, birds of a feather flock together.

To boost your chances of accreditation, you need a partner company that meets some important requirements.

Full accreditation

Your partner or vendor must be fully accredited. You might want to request documentary evidence that they are fully accredited. If they are really accredited, you will receive professional advice and guides on your quest for accreditation from them. They know exactly what the accreditation team will be looking for.


While there are many metrology service providers and equipment suppliers, it is important for you to partner with the most experienced ones. You stand a better chance that way. One of the reasons you can’t do without experience is the expertise that comes with it. Each time you render a service, you get even better with it.

High safety standards

American government takes safety seriously and so should you. An accreditation team will also consider your level of compliance to safety standards. The best way to convince them on safety compliance is by getting certified by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Once OSHA certifies your company, it gives you a pass mark on safety issues and it boosts your chances of getting accredited.

Certification by Bureau of standards

You also need to prove that your equipment, processes and practices meet the required standard. This is why you need to be certified by the Bureau of standards of your State. It is important to bear in mind that metrology or weather forecast is meant to save lives and properties. It has to be done right. One sudden or unexpected hurricane can lead to a loss of several lives and destruction of properties worth millions of dollars. This is why the sector is shrouded in strict regulation.

Availability of qualified or certified metrology technicians

It is important that you employ certified and experienced metrology experts in your company. This will also fasten your accreditation. The higher the number of certified staff in your organization the better.

Quality of equipment

The quality of your set of equipment is important. You need to purchase your equipment from a certified vendor and you should also make use of the latest tools. Manufacturers produce new technology driven metrology equipment regularly and you must be aware of all the new innovations in the metrology.

Metrology sector is one of the most regulated and so players in the sector operate with the highest standards. This is why you need to follow the standards to get recognized and accredited.


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Preparing For Chicago Metrology Accreditation