Some Of The Precision Measuring Equipment Used In Industries

precision measurement equipmentUsing a scale to take the measurements of dimensions such as diameter, length, radius, etc. of an object is not a difficult task. But getting the precise and accurate measurement when of these dimensions, you will definitely need the help of precision measuring equipment. In this article, you will learn about some precision equipment and their uses.

In order to make quality products with the adequate and precise required measurement, a lot of companies, schools, development and research centers, and laboratories make use of measuring equipment with high precision and accuracy.

Below are some of the most popular precision measuring equipment and their features.

Micrometer Screw Gauge

Micrometer screw gauge comes in really handy when you want to measure a thin metal sheet or the diameter of a thin wire with accuracy. The micrometer screw gauge has fixed sleeve with a frame that has U-shape. When using micrometer screw gauge to take measurements, the least count is the pitch ratio against the divisions’ number on the circular scale. Every distance covered by the spindle per revolution is known as pitch. When you insert a wire between the spindle and anvil, you make the spindle to have contact with the wire by rotating it, after which you will be able to read the diameter of the wire. Micrometer screw gauge now has a digital version that can give you a direct reading.

Vernier Caliper

When you want to measure both the external and internal dimensions of an object with accuracy, the best tool to use is a Vernier Caliper. The measurement process of Vernier Caliper is facilitated with the help of its outward jaws and inward jaws. This precision measurement equipment has a screw clap that you can use to lock its position so that the reading will not be altered when the scale moved around. The measurement scale of a Vernier caliper is in inches or millimeters, and it has a sliding scale that is attached to its moveable jaws.

The accuracy of a Vernier caliper is referred to as least count. It is the smallest division ratio of the main scale to the total division number on the Vernier scale. All this equipment evolves as technology evolves. Thanks to technology, there are now Vernier calipers that have dial gauges or digital displays. With these digital display, users will no longer issue reading and calculating their final measurements, especially those that do not even know how to read Vernier caliper. The digital displays help to reduce the complexity of using the Vernier scale reading as main scale reading when calculating the final reading. But because of how cheap the manual Vernier caliper is, it is the more popular one.

Surface Plate and Height Gauge

When you want to get the accurate measurement of the height of a machine component, a height gauge that is placed on a surface plate is the best precision measurement equipment to use. The way height gauge works are similar to the way a Vernier caliper works. With this instrument, you can get a more precise and accurate measure of the height of an object.


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Some Of The Precision Measuring Equipment Used In Industries